Order Acceptance: All orders must be in writing and signed by an employee or agent of the buyer.

Price Adjustment: Prices as quoted are subject to change to price in effect at time of delivery.

Terms: Net 30 days from date of invoice.

Transportation: Foil containers are sold F.O.B. (Factory).

Call Outs: Containers are produced to customer order with specfic release dates and must be shipped within 30 days from the date of the initial release. If any remaining quantity exceeds the 30 day period it shall be invoiced as of that date.

Deferment or cancellation of orders: Orders may not be cancelled or delivery delayed by buyer except with the written consent of seller and upon terms which will indemnify seller for all costs incurred, plus a reasonable allowance of profit.

Merchandise Returns: Containers are not sold on consignment and may not be returned for any reason without prior written approval from seller. Under special circumstances, a return may be authorized with credit computed at purchase price less 25% re-stocking charge, repacking charges, if any, and freight both ways. Claims for defects in quality are waived if not advised within 30 days from the seller's shipment. Credit will be issued only to the original buyer.

Tolerances: Gauge: Foil containers are manufactured and sold at industry commercial tolerances of plus or minus 10% of published gauge. Shipping: Shipment of plus or minus 10% applies to special coated and non-stock items with 5% tolerance applicable to stock items.

A) Any equipment (including tools, dies, jigs, and fixtures) which Seller specifically agrees to construct or acquire for use exclusively in the production of goods for Buyer, shall be and remain property of Seller, in it possession and control, and any charges shall be for the use of such equipment only.

B) While in possession of Seller, any materials or equipment owned or furnished by Buyer will be carefully handled and stored by Seller, but Seller shall have no responsibility or liability for loss or damage thereto.

C) If after one (1) year, Buyer places no orders for products to be made with any equipment or materials referred to in the foregoing paragraph (A), Seller, after giving 30 days written notice to Buyer at its last known address, may make such disposition thereof as Seller desires without liability to Buyer.


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